Education Programs


Developed in conjunction with Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations, our programs are designed to complement classroom teaching and learning, and offer a uniquely Canadian perspective of our nation’s past.


The programs outlined are just a sample of what The Military C&E Museum can offer teachers and students. 


We offer specialized tours and activities for various groups ranging from Kindergarten to Graduate Studies.  Our gallery contains many artifacts and displays that pertain to a wide variety of  school subjects from history and geography to science and technology. The Education Program is constantly evolving to meet your needs.


Contact us and see what we can provide for your class!




Telephone: 613-541-5010 ext #3289

Come play Improbable Escapes at the Military C&E Museum! Welcome to Camp X, a secret school created to train elite covert agents during World War II. Use the tools in your trench coat to decode messages, sleuth through the museum, and uncover mysteries of the past to discover a secret code word. Complete your mission by reporting back to the front desk with the code word, and you will earn your place amongst history’s greatest shadow operatives. Fail, and the fate of the free world could be at stake. Are you up for the challenge?CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!

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