To Museum Visitors and Guests....

We would like to welcome you to our museum where we celebrate The Troops, The Times, and The Technology!

Come discover the role that military communications and electronics have played for over more than a century. The Military Communications and Electronics Museum is a must-see attraction in Kingston with over twenty thousand square feet of gallery space devoted to not only telling the story of members of the Military Communications and Electronics Branch both past and present, but also the Royal Canadian Electronic and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME has their own section of gallery space).

The displays within the Museum depict the history of Canadian military communication and the development and application of communications technology by the highly skilled troops has been both ground breaking and lifesaving. We take great pride in what the members of the Military Communications and Electronics Branch of the past, present and future, have and will continue to accomplish.


How do I learn about donating an object?

The Military Communications and Electronics Museum only accepts select objects to its collection that match its mandate.  The collection includes military artifacts, and archival material related to the Military Communications and Electronics Branch and it predecessors (Royal Canadian Corps of Signals; The Royal Canadian Air Force Telecommunications; and Canadian Navy Supplementary Radio System). Please email noting your interest in donating and the Curatorial Department will respond. As a part of the next step the Curatorial Department will send you the “Offer of Donation Form”.

I am in the area and would like to drop off an object for donation?

NO! We are very interested in hearing more about your objects and/or archival material, but unfortunately for reasons of security and public accountability Museum employees including reception, retail, as well as volunteers and members of the military are not allowed to accept donations “over the counter”. Unsolicited donations will not be accepted. The donation process requires pre-booked appointments. Please reach out via email for initial contact at

What is the “Offer of Donation Form” and why is it necessary?

The purpose of the form is to gather more information about the offer, and for the donor to confirm that they are the legal owner of the objects and/or archival material on offer. A team of Museum experts will review the information provided to reach a decision or ask more questions if needed. The accuracy and completeness of the information provided will help speed up the review.

Can I send my completed “Offer of Donation Form” by Mail instead of electronically?

YES. Please post your physical copy of the Military Communications and Electronics Museum Offer of Donation Form (only the document not the objects):

Attention Curatorial Department

Military Communications and Electronics Museum

95 Craftsman Blvd, Kingston ON K7K 7B4

Can the Museum tell me if it is interested in the objects and/or archival material I am offering before I complete the “Offer of Donation Form”?

NO. The completion of the “Offer of Donation Form” is the mandatory first step in the acquisition process. The Museum cannot evaluate an offer without a completed form.

How does the Museum decide what it would like to acquire?

Unfortunately, the Museum is not able to accept every donation that is offered. Decisions to acquire objects and/or archival material are based on several factors, including the Museum’s collections criteria and mandate; whether the objects and/or archival material fill a gap in our collection or are sufficiently represented already; the availability of space and resources for appropriate care; and whether the current ownership is unknown or might be disputed. Please note: The Military Communications and Electronics Museum only accepts medals awarded to Canadian Service persons who were members of the Military Communications and Electronics Branch and its predecessors and whose ownership is not disputed.

How long will it take to process my offer of donation?

It may take several months to review and process your offer after we receive the “Offer of Donation Form” and its supporting images and documentation.  Providing accurate and complete information helps to speed up the decision-making process. All offers are reviewed by the Curatorial Department and must go through multiple stages before the process is complete. We consider each offer in turn and strive to keep the process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

What can I do if the Military Communications and Electronics Museum is not able to accept my offer?

If the Museum is not able to accept your offer, we will attempt to suggest other institutions that may have an interest in the objects and/or archival material you wish to donate.

Will my donation be displayed?

Acquisition does not guarantee public exhibition, and the Military Communications and Electronics Museum does not accept donations offered with conditions. While artifacts are rotated in and out of exhibition, only a small percentage of the Museum’s collection is on display at any one time. The remainder of the collection is held in storage designed for long-term preservation.

If my objects and/or archival material are not displayed, what happens to them?

The artifacts and/or archival material in storage are used for consultation purposes for Museum Staff, for possible loans with other qualifying Museums, used for research purposes and other education related purposes.  Some may be photographed and used in virtual/digital displays or projects. The collection helps one to discover, understand, share stories and by being a part of the Museum collection it is preserved for future generations to do this.

Can I visit the objects and/or archival material that I have donated?

We always make our best effort to accommodate such requests, but this is not always possible. In order to increase the chances of this happening please contact us in advance  with lots of notice for when you are planning to visit so that we can retrieve the objects from storage or inform you if they are on display, on loan, in conservation, or if special scheduling is required to have staff on site to assist.

What if I change my mind once my donation has been accepted?

Once the ownership has been signed over, the objects are the property of the Crown and cannot be returned. If you have concerns, please discuss them with us prior to signing over ownership.

How do I visit the Archive?

Unfortunately, the Archive is unavailable currently. When it resumes business it will be accessible by appointment only through the Curatorial Department.

Is there a cost for research at the Archives?

Yes. Please note that currently the Military Communications and Electronics Museum Archive is not accepting new research enquiries. Please check out the current rates and reproduction rates located on the Archives page.

Do you have service files?

We do NOT hold Personnel/Service Records in the Archive. These records are held and maintained by Library and Archives Canada. Please reach out to them with your inquiry.


How is the Museum funded?

The museum’s operations, display development and programming is mostly funded by the Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation, a charitable organization, revenue from the Mercury Shop, admissions and donations.

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Doesn’t the Canadian Armed Forces support the museum?

The Museum receives support from CFB Kingston and the Department of National Defence through yearly grants. This support is renewed on an annual basis and is not guaranteed.

Can I donate money?

Yes. The Military Communications and Electronics Museum is able to accept donations through the Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation and through direct donation.

How do I donate money?

You can donate via credit card, cheque, Canada Helps or through or donation box in the museum. To make a donation online visit

Can I give funds for a specific service or task?

Yes. People can donate fund various programs, events and display refurbishment. When donating please indicate what you would like your donation to support.

How do I donate my investments?

Please contact the Foundation to arrange the donation of investments to support the Museum.

How do I sponsor an event or program?

Sponsorship can be arranged to support events, programs and exhibits through NPF. Please contact to arrange for an appointment to discuss sponsorship at the museum.

What is the P070?

The P070 is a CAF pay allotment to give a monthly donation to the MCEM directly from your pay allotment. This opportunity is only available to regular members of the CAF. Please see your orderly room personnel to arrange for the P070.

How do I donate to the museum if I am in the CAF as a Reservist?

There is no pay allotment available to reservists. If you wish to donate to the museum, please use the Canada Helps link.


Are Masks required when visiting?

Masks inside the Museum are no longer required but are highly recommended. To keep staff and other visitors safe, please place your used disposable mask in a garbage receptacle or take it home with you when you leave the Museum.

Is the Museum accessible?

All gallery spaces are located on the main level along with all washroom facilities. The Gallery spaces are fully scooter, walker and wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair and walkers available for use in the Museum for no charge, but they are limited. Please inquire upon your arrival for use. Diaper-changing tables are available in the public washrooms. There is a public drinking fountain, but please bring your own water bottle to be filled versus drinking directly from the fountain.

Can I take photos in the Museum?

Photography of the galleries and displays is permitted, unless otherwise indicated with signage. Photographing other guests is prohibited. Flash photography is allowed, but tripods and lighting stands are prohibited. All “official” or “Professional Photography” must be pre-booked and permissions given by the Museum in advance.

Is there parking on site?

Yes. The Museum has two parking lots just outside of the Museum. One larger parking lot can accommodate buses and large vehicles. There is no fee for parking in either of the lots. There is also a bike rack located just outside the main entrance.

What are the hours for the Museum?

The Museum is open Monday to Friday from 10AM to 3:30PM.  From October to April it is closed on Statutory holidays.   The Mercury Shop follows the same hours of operation as the Museum. Hours are subject to change due to staffing and weather issues. Look to the Museum website for changes and updates to hours of operation.

Can I just drop in and meet with someone?

To speak or meet with staff requires a pre-booked appointment. To do so please email: and in this email indicate the reason along with the person you wish to speak/meet with.

How do I arrange to take a group to the Museum?

Please email info@candemuseum.orgwith your request. Please provide possible dates to find out availability, request a quote and find out what activities, programs, and services are possible. This is for tour operators as well any individuals interested in taking a group to the Museum.

What are your Admission rates?

Please see our website

The Museum is a self-guided attraction. Please note Last Admission is at 2:30 pm*

Do you have an Education Program?

Yes. To learn more about the program, rates and availability please email the Education Programmer at

How do I book and pay for an Education program?

Once you make contact with the Education Programmer, you will be provided with information on the variety of program options there are to see what fits your classroom/group. Contact with the Education Programmer will enable you to discuss dates, prices, and options before booking. Programs may be paid for in person or by invoice. You may pay in advance, the day of or after. We accept cash, cheque, or credit card are a form of payment.

How long in advance do I need to book a program?

The Museum usually requires a minimum of three weeks to set up a program. This is dependent on availability of staff and other bookings. Some schools and youth groups book months in advance to ensure their booking as space is limited.

Mercury Shop

What are your hours?

The hours are the same as the Museum. Monday to Friday 10 AM to 3:30PM. Our online shop is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Where are you located?

The Mercury Shop is located just inside of the Military Communications and Electronics Museum.

Do you have to pay admission to the Museum to shop at the Mercury Shop?


How do I order from the Mercury Shop?

You can order through our online website or in store. We can also be reached by phone or email for orders.

Does the Mercury Shop mount medals?

Yes, medal mounting is available at the Mercury Shop for a variety of medals including current military medals, World War Medals, and Korean War Medals, and others.

We also do miniature medal mounting and have a large selection of miniatures on site. Miniature medals can also be ordered online, please see the linked page for more information.

If you are unsure about the medals you are having mounted, please contact us.

Does the Mercury Shop do Undress Ribbon Bars?

We do. Please note that undress ribbon bars are not included in medal mounting and must be ordered separate.

Our undress ribbon bars are created with a solid backing.

We do not provide the slide on additions for existing bars.

Can I order engraved/sublimated items?

Yes! We have a variety of military crests, as well as non-military designs.

You can also send in your own personal images and we will do our best to work with them. We cannot guarantee quality of images that are under 300 dpi.

Please email us to inquire about what graphics we have available.

How long does engraving/sublimation take?

We ask that you give us at least a 2 weeks notice for small projects, and 3 weeks for large projects.

If you need the items for a certain date, requesting it earlier is better.

Projects are completed in the order that they are received. 

Does the Mercury Shop offer shipping?

We ship throughout Canada, as well as to the US and Internationally.