In my fourth year of study at Queen’s University I applied for an internship with Queen’s University Archives. I suspected I would be doing cataloguing, maybe some digitizing, but in an unlikely turn of events I was granted the Visions of Vimy project. This project would allow me to explore the Fonds of Walter Seymour Allward and create an exhibit to showcase his memorial for the Vimy Ridge Centennial. If that wasn’t enough, it had to be done in four short months. Additionally, this exhibit was to be made for the Communications & Electronics Museum at CFB Kingston, a museum that specializes in Canadian Signals History, a history that my own father has been a part of as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. The stakes were high, the pressure was on, but I knew I was in for a treat.

  Luckily, I get to share that treat with you. This digital version of the exhibit is an extended version of the physical one in the museum. This version includes candid commentary from yours truly direct from the daily logs I kept throughout my internship. My hope is that you are given an educational experience that shows you the precision and hard work that went into building the Vimy Memorial. I also hope that you are reminded of the importance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and why such an extravagant memorial was built to commemorate it. Finally, I hope that my commentary adds a unique perspective that makes history exciting and lively. Enjoy the journey of the Walter Seymour Allward Fonds through the lens of a 21-year old intern.


-Kayla Keenan

   BAH History and English