A Thought To Communicators Past and Present


The Communications and Electronics Museum theme of "The Troops, The Times and The Technology" describes the accomplishments of military communicators from the founding of Canada to the present day. It is a living museum that grows with each new task given to the Communications and Electronics Branch; a history that is intimately linked with the exploration, expansion and maturing of Canada into a nation.


This is your museum; and it exists as a result of the continued support of communicators, both past and present, which is still necessary to keep this history and record of our heritage alive. Financial assistance and the donation of artifacts are always welcome.


Please have a look at our "Annual Display Sponsorships". This is a list of the displays that are currently available for you to sponsor, either on your own, or with a group of friends.

Your donations are, of course, tax deductible through a receipt for a "Gift in Kind".

These donations will allow us to continue to tell the vital and on-going story of the development of communications and electronics in Canada.

Current Contributors


In addition to a receipt for a Gift in Kind, individual donors are also recognized on our donor recognition wall. We regret that the list of private donors is too large to include on the Web Page; but be assured that your donations are greatly appreciated.


The museum also receives a great deal of support through donations from Corporations, Governmental organizations and Service Clubs. As with private contributors, these organizations are also eligible to receive a receipt for their donation.