Hill 70 - August 22, 2017

As part of the ongoing commemoration of military events of WWI, the museum has created a Hill 70 display to compliment the visiting temporary Hill 70 Display. Hill 70 is very significant in the history of Canadian military communications, as it was one of the first uses of HF radio in World War I. Key to the success of the battle was the first use of airborne spotters to direct artillery through the use of wireless. In many ways, Hill 70 was just as significant as Vimy Ridge for the consolidation of Canadian pride and identity as a nation. The early use of wireless was also extremely significant in the development of command and control of close air support, indirect fire and delivery of eff

CE Branch Charity Golf Tournament - 25 Aug 2017

Come, join us for a day of fun 25 August 2017. The Annual CE Branch Charity Golf Tournament is open to all active and retired C&E Branch personnel, members of AFCEA, friends of the communications and electronics industry and, to the public. Please Email: CE.Branch.golf@gmail.com for more information and to register. Save


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